15 Reasons to use Idealstor

  1. Non-proprietary – Built on industry-standard hardware.
  2. Runs on Windows Server operating system – No learning curve, most administrators are familiar with it. Use any backup software that you like. You’re not locked into one vendor’s software.
  3. Uses off-the-shelf disks – No proprietary lock in.
  4. Unlimited capacity – Does not fill up like a NAS box. Keep unlimited copies of your backup data.
  5. Supports data deduplication and encryption.
  6. Portable media – Ruggedized disks, easily take your data where ever you go.
  7. Has WORM (Write Once Read Many) capabilities. Data once written cannot be modified or deleted. Saves from accidental deletion, and meets compliance requirements.
  8. Speeds with up to 6Gb/s and access time less than 10ms.
  9. Can use largest disk size up to 8TB with max 8 disks in a system for a RAW capacity of 64TB.
  10. Can support CIFS or NFS.
  11. No maintenance required unlike tape cartridges.
  12. Increase capacity as larger sized drives become available.
  13. Offline media does not consume electricity.
  14. Offline media cannot be affected by viruses, malware or ransomeware.
  15. US-based technical support.

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