Storage Switzerland recommends a closer look at Idealstor IHS

Storage Switzerland has recommended that SMBs take a closer look at Idealstor Integrated Hyper Converged Solutions in their latest Briefing Note.

StorageSwiss’s article highlights the difficulty small to medium sized businesses have in creating a high performance reliable virtualized system.  Storage Switzerland points out the many different dilemmas a small business would run into like the cost and complexity of not only a SAN but also a typical Hyper Converged System.

Upon looking at the Idealstor Hyper Converged Solution they point out the simplicity in the design needing a minimum of only two nodes and the fact that it runs on both Hyper-V and VMware ESXi which is the architecture that most SMBs are already using and familiar with.

Storage Swiss ends the article recommending that small to medium businesses check out the Idealstor solution if they are looking at virtualizing their infrastructure or scale up their exsisting virtual environment.

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