Network Behavioral Analysis: A Critical Component of IT Security

IT securityThe IT world is continuously changing and new IT security threats emerge each week. The use of preventative security steps can prevent most cyberattacks, but the use of network behavioral analysis is critical in maintaining a secure network. Continually monitoring for intruders and unusual activity is the first line of defense against hackers or malicious forms of software that attempt to gain access to your system. As you know, maintaining a safe and secure network is vital for companies of all sizes. The use of network behavioral analysis will enable you to detect suspicious activity and prevent malicious cyberattacks. Here are a few ways that your business can benefit with network behavior analysis:

Analyze Data

The first step of network behavioral analysis is to immediately begin gathering data to create a baseline of “normal” server activity. If you notice any forms of suspicious activity, a network behavioral analysis tool will automatically notify you of a potential security issue. You can review the data that is collected, which is an overview of the network system and it will display any network anomalies. You will be able to quickly identify known IT security threats or even discover patterns of new security issues that may arise. The use of multi-layered security provides further protection against the wide variety of threats against businesses in today’s modern world.

Around The Clock Monitoring

One of the main advantages of network behavioral analysis is the continual monitoring of the infrastructure. For example, the servers are routinely monitored which ensures that they are always available and working properly. If any problems arise, they will quickly be located and resolved in a timely manner. This proactive approach enables companies to remain productive, as they will not have to worry about unexpected service outages or losing critical data. It simply monitors network behavior without using the full storage capacity that is typically required for a full packet capture. A summary of data usage will display which protocols are being used and the amount of bandwidth used. This information can be easily accessed together with the asset inventory and alarm data. One of the main benefits of network protocol analysis is that it enables security analysts to analyze network traffic with an event log during a potential security breach. This high-level form of network monitoring can easily pinpoint what caused the security breach and if any important information was lost or stolen.

Experience the Benefits of Network Behavioral Analysis

The use of network behavioral analysis is an IT security method that can benefit your business in a multitude of ways. At Idealstor, we can help you conduct network behavioral analysis for your business. We are a managed services company that specializes in keeping businesses safe from any form of cyberattacks. Our sole mission is to protect the freedom of information by revolutionizing cyber security. Contact us today and let us provide your company with the ultimate cyber security protection.

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