5 Mistakes to Avoid With a Disaster Recovery Plan

disaster recoveryThe use of a disaster recovery plan can help your business recover from a variety of threats. Understanding how these services work is the first step in installing a successful backup plan. Unfortunately, many companies do not fully understand backup services and are prone to making mistakes. Here are five common mistakes that a company needs to avoid with the use of data backup and restore services:

Failure to Isolate Backups

It is a critical step to always maintain isolation between your data backups and the primary infrastructure. Inability to do so can result in losing your backup files, which ultimately makes the use of data backup and restore services meaningless. The use of an offsite data center will enable your data to remain secure and protected from the wide variety of threats.

Not Testing Backups

Do you schedule routine testing of data backup services? Regular testing and verifying backups is an essential step in any data backup plan. Without testing, you are much more likely to experience a failure in backing up critical data. It is a good idea to test data backups on a weekly basis and make any adjustments as necessary.

No Recovery Plan

Does your organization have a disaster recovery plan in the event of hackers stealing data? As you may know, businesses that have a plan in place are much more likely to successfully recover from the loss of data than other companies that fail to prepare for these dire scenarios. Implementing a data backup plan will prepare your employees and help them make the correct decisions in the time of need.

Reliance on File-Based Solutions

File-based solutions offer many benefits, but they should not be used in place of data backup solutions. These services are a great way to work on projects together and access important work files from any location, but they do not have the capabilities of fully backing up important documents. Solely relying on these technologies can lead to loss of valuable data in the future.

Not Taking Data Loss Seriously

Do your employees understand the importance of having a data backup plan? The most common mistake that companies make is that they fail to take data loss seriously. They falsely believe that it can never happen to them and refuse to dedicate any resources to data backup services. Understanding the risks of not using these services is the first step in taking data loss seriously. The loss of critical information can happen at any moment, and it is important to be prepared for the wide variety of scenarios that can cripple your company with the loss of information that is unable to be recovered.

The use of data backup and disaster recovery services can help your company bounce back from the loss of critical data. Understanding the importance of these services will enable your company from becoming the next victim of hackers or a natural disaster. Idealstor is a company that helps businesses protect their data and provides backup services. Our primary goal is to keep your important files safe while providing a quick and easy process in recovering data. Contact us today and let us help protect your company and minimize any loss of data.

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