Which is Best: Cloud Backup or On-Site Storage?

Covering All Your Bases

cloud backupCloud backup can really pull your bacon out of the fire. All you need is a smartphone that automatically backs itself up to the cloud and then to lose that smartphone. Suddenly, you’re very thankful for the cloud! But is cloud computing so secure for a larger business? Well, yes and no.

It depends on the business, the information being stored, and the budget of a given organization. In brief, here’s what you should know: you want both cloud and on-site support solutions for varying kinds of data— this is called a “hybrid” solution. Here are several reasons why:

  • Hybrid cloud solutions provide greater security and control
  • Accessibility is always possible
  • You’ll see increased speed


Perhaps your company’s already involved in technology, or perhaps your company develops new technological solutions. If you do these things, you may have information that could be worth quite a bit on the black market. Your company may very well be a target for cybercriminals. If that’s the case, you should do everything possible to keep from compromising your business— that means retaining proprietary data on-site. But here’s the thing: you don’t need to have all your data remain on-site. There are many infrastructural necessities which would do better should they be outsourced to the cloud.

As a matter of fact, you may find proprietary, sensitive data constitutes a minority of information at your business and can easily be maintained on a simple internal network. So, have an on-site backup which regularly updates and secures your files to a hard-drive stored securely on-site and with restricted access, and then have everything else maintained through a cloud backup solution. These automatically maintain your systems, and in the event of an emergency, a BDR application facilitated through the cloud can seriously cut losses which come from downtime. Plus, a cloud solution is proactively monitored by those providing it.

If the company you’re working with is worth anything, they’ll have the latest technology pertaining to security and probably some form of monitoring support. A hybrid cloud solution provides the best of both worlds in terms of security. In fact, many hybrid cloud solutions today come with security built-in.


You may not always be able to access a fully cloud-integrated solution. This could be disastrous if a high-octane merger is on the table and data is necessary to secure the deal. Sometimes, a cloud provider has to run a network update that temporarily restricts access. Usually, you’ll be notified, but your schedule and theirs may not be in alignment. With a hybrid solution, you can always access the data you need. It’s having your cake and eating it too, as the saying goes.


Again, for the most part, when you’ve got cloud computing you’ll have swift and secure access whenever you need it. But every now and then, that won’t be the case. With some on-site component to your network solution, you’ll be able to get the information you need whenever you need it and without having to wait for an internet connection.


Cloud backup through Idealstor can save time and money while increasing security through hybrid cloud solutions. Contact us to optimize your operation.

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