Cloud Backup: Endpoint Protection is Integral for SMBs

cloud backupCloud backup is becoming less of a luxury and more of a commonality. One reason is the contemporary proliferation of mobile internet-enabled devices. If you want to stay on top of security, you have got to account for this convenience and this great innovation, because it is only becoming more prevalent.

Several reasons SMBs should make security a paramount concern include:

  • Mobile vulnerability and savings from malleable BYOD
  • No one is too small to be victimized by a cyber attack
  • Some of the worst security threats are internal
  • Poorly defined security guidelines are an easy fix

Getting Ahead Of Mobile Issues

Because technology is in such a rapid state of advance— and this seems to be the trend things are moving toward— you are going to see an increase in mobile devices that are unique and could pose a threat to your internal systems.

However, if you have a BYOD (Bring Your Device) policy in place, then you will be better equipped to deal with such security vulnerabilities. The BYOD solution will already come prepared for exigencies resulting from commonly known vulnerabilities.

Continuous cloud backup with many BYOD interfaces is possible. When clients can work on your network securely, and remotely, then you can save a lot of resources about regular infrastructural needs like office space and endpoint acquisition. The key is finding an organization that understands the security risks and can fortify you.

No One is Too Small

You may think that the size of your business will safeguard it from attack.

Question: Why would hackers go after some ma-and-pa grocery in a small town?
Answer: Loss of data could severely compromise a small business and make it, so operations are no longer possible.

Such a company would be more likely to pay the ransom. Also, smaller companies are more likely not to have critical security, precisely because they do not believe they are a target. As it turns out, approximately 50% of SMBs are likely to experience a security breach of some variety within a year’s time. So you can see how important it is to adopt some form of security for your SMB.

Internal Threat

The majority of threats to your business will not be from hackers except perhaps in a collateral way. Your biggest security breaches will come internally from uninformed employees who do not realize the danger. Some staff not educated about internet safety, and so may download ransomware into your network which is how hackers collaterally damage your business: through employees. You need to teach employees about email security, password security, network security, and general operational protocols.

Defining Security Guidelines

The previous point touched on this briefly: you want to educate your employees about security risks. You also want to partition access so only those who can protect the network can fully access it.

Another guideline may be a download limitation. Figure out your business’s weaknesses and strengths, and then work with a tech security company to institute the best guidelines.

Secure Operations

Cloud backup through Idealstor can help you retain mobility, cutting-edge data security, and resources. The right cloud options conserve resources. We can additionally help you educate your employees about the best safety practices. Contact us for the safety solutions that will safeguard your business.

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