The Key Benefits of On-Premises Backup When Cloud Backup is Not a Feasible Option

cloud backupWhether your business is a start-up or a well-established corporation, data backup is critical for your business operations; whether you opt for a cloud backup solution or an on-premises backup. Although there are different varieties of data backup solutions, deciding on one form of data backup will be determined by your understanding of data backup solutions. While there have been tremendous advances in backup solutions, traditional backup solutions are still a practical option for data backup. Cloud backup solutions may seem the obvious choice for data backup but there are key benefits of on-premises backup when it is the only feasible option for your business.

What Exactly Is On-Premises Data Backup

Unlike cloud backup, on-premises data backup involves the storage of backup data files locally on servers and hard drives at your company’s offices. The process of on-premises is typically done at the same geographical location where your business runs its operations. This form of data backup is considered safe since it is readily accessible and easy to execute since there is low latency in the transmission of data over network channels; which is the best option for different workloads. Ideally, with an on-premises data backup, the process of data transmission of data is fast since the backup servers are within a short distance; hence optimal transmission rate. On-premises data backup solutions come with a high upfront capital investment and a vulnerability to natural disasters but there are advantages to using them when the cloud is not a practical option.

Fast Disaster Recovery

While most businesses may be considering cloud backup due to the inevitable transition from traditional backup technologies to the trend of cloud computing; on-premises backup offers you great logistical flexibility. In reality, on-premises data backup offers the convenience of accessing your business data within a matter of minutes since the storage media of backup files are kept on-site. This facilitates easy access and retrieval of backup data for deployment on your IT networks to restore business operations and overcome any losses in productivity time.


Cloud backup solutions might seem cheap but the reality of traditional data backup is actually the cost-effective option. Despite the hefty upfront costs of physical storage drives, servers, and software, your business will not spend any more money in the future. Thus, this cost will be offset since they are no monthly charges to be paid to a vendor; unlike in cloud backup solutions.


The appeal of an on-premises backup is the centralized management of backup files which can be easily dismounted and moved to a different data center when needed. The infrastructure of an on-premises backup solution requires a lot of manual work to run and maintain but the removable media components that handle the backup files are conveniently portable for off-site replication of backup files.

Partnering with a specialty IT company will optimize your on-premises data backup for optimal performance. Idealstor offers cutting-edge backup solutions that span from cloud backup to on-premises backup to suit your specific business needs. Call us today to learn more about our backup solutions.

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