Why a Cloud Backup Protects your Patients’ Data

cloud backupIf you are a healthcare provider, you understand the need to keep your patients’ records safe and accessible at all times. HIPAA has high expectations of hospitals and other healthcare providers in regards to use and disclosure of their patients’ information. Backing up patients’ data to the cloud has emerged to be a HIPAA-compliant way of securing patients’ protected health data. Today our team has rounded up six benefits of using cloud backup at your practice.

Reduces Cost of Operations

Once you decide to back up your data, you can set up a schedule that dictates how often your data gets backed up to the cloud. Once a schedule is set, the system will automatically backup your data accordingly. This frees up staff as no one is needed to upload the records manually.

Solves Tape Backup Problems

Cloud backup solves all the problems associated with tape backup. For example, backup tapes are often stored within the premises, which is not best practice, as if your firm suffers from flooding or fire, you risk losing all the data. Second, recovering files from a tape backup can be time consuming and arduous. Third, tape backup systems are vulnerable, expensive, and prone to being rendered obsolete. Tapes can be stolen, lost, or damaged. The cloud, on the other hand, is very secure and does not suffer from those shortcomings.

Speedy Data Recovery

If for whatever reason your business loses data, maybe because of an accident or a disaster, you can quickly and easily recover all the data you need to get back on your feet and keep your practice running. The recovery process for cloud backup users is often just a few clicks.

Enhanced Security for File Transfers

You can encrypt all your patients’ files before uploading them to the cloud. This additional layer of security is advocated for by HIPAA as a part of the regulation ensuring unauthorized use and access of patient data is prevented. Once the files are uploaded in an encrypted format, they remain encrypted until your staff is allowed to access this data. The decryption key stays with you and outsiders cannot access your files.

Proper Use of IT Resources

Because less focus is on the mechanics of backing up data, your IT staff is free to take care of other pressing IT needs around your organization. This could mean fixing the printer for reception or keeping the practice website up to date.

Highly Adaptable

The healthcare sector faces continuous growth and regulation coupled with expectations from patients – these factors require healthcare facilities to be flexible and embrace new practices as needs change. Having a modern, flexible data backup solution means you can adapt to the changes as they hit the industry. If you would like to discuss how these benefits translate into your healthcare facility or practice, contact the cloud backup experts at Idealstor. Contact us for cloud backup solutions to help you secure your data.