Think of Cyber Security When Looking for Outsourced Support

cyber securityProper cyber security solutions could have kept Equifax from being hacked. You’ve got to understand that the size of a business is no meter of its security. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was hacked in 2016 because they had a bad password. A. Bad. Password.

That’s IT security 101. That’s as basic as looking both ways before you cross the street, but even Stephen King forgot to do that and that’s why we have Dreamcatcher. The point is, just because a big company is hacked doesn’t mean it’s because the hackers were savvy enough to crack their top-tier security. More often than not, the company was hacked because they left themselves vulnerable.

Here’s the thing: a big hack is bad for business— this can foster dishonesty. When Equifax was hacked in June of 2017, news of the hack didn’t hit the mainstream until September of 2017, after CEOs had already dropped stock and prepared their exit.

The fallout from this will not be good for Equifax. And yet another consideration: they probably did have some decent security options; but without proper monitoring and support, IT security solutions may not be comprehensive enough.

What the Right Company Should Offer

The company you choose to partner with should offer progressive cyber security techniques which employ the latest in protective technology. Proactive monitoring and support are absolutely fundamental. Additionally, you want patch solutions and updates which transpire automatically— or as automatically as is securely possible. You’ll also want the most up-to-date firewalls, anti-virus/anti-malware software, and education protocols designed to help your employees avoid situations where they could incidentally compromise operations.

Internal security solutions can do a lot of these things, but there’s a problem. An internal solution can’t always upgrade as new solutions become available. Additionally, there’s just no feasible way for an internal solution to remain as cutting edge as what’s commonly provided via a third-party company. They have the advancement and expansion of tech services as part of their core operational directive. To remain competitive, they must additionally remain on the “cutting edge” of tech development. Additionally, they’re going to deal with a diversity of clients rather than just one, as an internal solution would. This means they are able to cater to diverse needs and absorb more professionalized skill sets over time.

Final Considerations

So, to recap, some reasons we recommend outsourced support include:

  • Increased security
  • Cutting-edge solutions
  • Proactive monitoring support

A final thing to consider is Backup and Data Recovery (BDR). The best solution can’t rebuff all cyberattacks, but if you’ve got BDR, you can wipe and reboot, curtailing the spread of malicious software before it entirely overcomes your business’s network.

At Idealstor, we can provide you the kind of cyber security your business needs. Contact us for the kind of security that will keep your business safe even against the most advanced cybercriminal hacks. As tech advances, so do vulnerabilities. Safeguard your business accordingly.