OPSEC: Why Your Business Should Have This Kind of Cyber Security For Business Continuity

cyber securityIt’s important for businesses of all sizes to have a strong cyber security, considering all the cyberattacks that have happened recently. Today, one of the most important measures of security is defined as OPSEC or Operational Security. With OPSEC, security professionals take on the characteristics of a potential antagonist. They try to look at your system as though they were someone who would like to compromise operations for one reason or another. This way, they’re able to cohesively identify vulnerabilities with greater accuracy than traditional security. Their defense measures are, in a way, offensive, whereas all other approaches are defensive. Here are five things that OPSEC security does that may apply to your operation but will be better served through professional organizations. These things include:

  • Identification and protection of sensitive information
  • Identification of prospective threats
  • Analysis and rectification of present weaknesses
  • Likely appraisal of risk
  • Determination and construction of countermeasures

Identification and Protection of Sensitive Information

The quicker this kind of data is secured, the safer a business becomes. Financial data, client data, employee data, product distribution, design, research data— the list goes on. You need to determine that which is most integral to your business and protect it.

Prospective Threat Identification

You’re not likely to be threatened by every possible cybercriminal enterprise. Your business is more likely to be “under the knife” from certain quarters. If you’re in the financial industry, you’ll likely have different possible threats than those who work in retail. With optimized OPSEC techniques, you can quickly identify where threats will come from and better protect yourself.

Patching the Holes

You’ve got security holes. Everybody does. Some are going to be more accessible to criminals than others. What an OPSEC team can do is look at data to find vulnerabilities. They can check out what safeguards you’ve got in place and whether those are undermined by any loopholes or not.

Risk Appraisal

You want to see which vulnerabilities or threats pose the most risk and tier your cyber security efforts accordingly. Things at this level should be prioritized according to threat. Larger threats should be dealt with immediately and smaller ones last. For example, if you’re getting chased by a bear and climb a tree, you probably won’t even think about checking your hair for ticks until after you’ve escaped the bear. It’s the same with IT. What is a greater threat to your company? Find and fix that first.


Once you’ve done all these things, it’s time to design and implement countermeasures. It is at this step where OPSEC through professional providers becomes most effective.

Securing Professional OPSEC Solutions

Cyber security through Idealstor can cost-effectively optimize your business’s security solutions. Contact us for OPSEC that has been established by deep experience. How? Because we’ve implemented such security measures among a diversity of clients.