While the idea of on-premises backup hardware might seem strange in the era of "cloud everything", the reality is that the cloud is not an option for everyone. Whatever the reasons, be it available bandwidth, cost, company policy or just concern for security, Idealstor has the solution for you. With a proven track record of over 15 years and implementation by thousands of companies worldwide, Idealstor’s enterprise grade removable disk based systems provide maximum reliability for removable media, with the fastest speeds for protecting your data.

Home Office & Small Business

Combining the best of disk and tape, the Idealstor Bantam offers Home Offices or Small Businesses a simple and inexpensive way to meet their backup requirements. And, it’s perfect for off-site storage for disaster recovery.

Backup is simple with drag-and-drop file access. When combined with Hard Disk Manager from Idealstor, it provides complete data protection with the ability to recover your entire system and settings to similar or different hardware.

The Idealstor Bantam is a fast, reliable and affordable removable disk backup solution. With capacities up to 1TB/cartridge, the Bantam is priced for the SMB yet is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding environments.

Ruggedized Cartridges of 320GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB provide the flexibility to meet your budget and capacity requirements.

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Small & Medium Business

Designed for Small and Medium sized businesses, the Teralyte was designed to replace tape drives and autoloaders at an affordable price while providing the benefits of using disk-based media. Combining the capacity, reliability and portability of Idealstor’s removable disk media, the Teralyte is a complete backup and disaster recovery solution.

The Teralyte, just like a tape drive or an autoloader, attaches to your backup server. Available in 2 flavors, USB3 which provides the convenience to hook it up to any system using built-in USB ports or SAS, which provides the ultimate in performance.

With a starting capacity of 1TB, the Teralyte can scale to accommodate up to 32TB of RAW data. The Teralyte is available in 1, 2 or 4 Bay models. Each Teralyte ships with Idealstor’s Disk Management Utility (IDM) and an external USB3 or SAS controller.

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Medium & Large Business

Designed for Large businesses and enterprises, the Idealstor Backup Appliance is a self-contained unit optimized to work as your backup system.

The Backup Appliance offers you complete peace of mind as a fully supported system by Idealstor for your backup or storage needs. And, it is easy to use. Just plug it into your network and you are ready to roll.

It also offers the ability to use Removable WORM (Write Once Read Many) disk-based storage from Idealstor to meet the most stringent compliance requirements.

Using Idealstor’s removable disk technology, the Backup Appliance is available in 4 and 8 Bay models that can scale up to 64TB of RAW capacity currently.

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