Small And Midsized Business

Hard Disk Manager 14 Premium combines all of Paragon’s technologies and expertise in storage lifecycle management, data protection and sanitization within stand-alone physical and virtual Windows environments for small and midsized business

  • Hard Disk Manager Premium Edition is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, with no or limited IT personnel.
  • Innovative backup imaging technology (pVHD, VHD, VMDK)
  • One integrated and comprehensive solution for backup and disaster recovery, partitioning, migration and data management
  • Proven in millions of installations worldwide
  • Never before at this price: image- and file-based backup, bare-metal recovery to dissimilar hardware, migration, partitioning and wiping for physical servers and workstations
  • Strong collection of Paragon Technologies: Drive Backup, Drive Copy, Partition Manager and Disk Wiper included
  • Supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2
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Medium & Large Business

Protect and Restore combines all of Paragon’s technologies and expertise in advanced backup and disaster recovery for virtual and physical environments with centralized management for small, midsized business and large enterprises

  • Management of virtual and physical machines from one console
  • Agentless backup and replication of ESX guest machines
  • Agentless backup of Hyper-V guest machines*
  • Agent-based backup of Hyper-V host, Windows physical machines and fault-tolerant systems
  • Application-level backup of MS Exchange email databases
  • Remote recovery and on-site hardware independent restore (HIR)
  • Multi-tier storage infrastructure and exclusive data deduplication

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