Cloud Backup: The Sure Way to Save Your Business

Today’s businesses face threats from all sides. There are data breaches, cyber attacks, viruses, and disasters big and small. It can make things difficult when you’re trying to best protect your company, employees, and clients. Though there are numerous ways to help ensure your continued security, cloud backup provides the kind of benefits you need to stay productive no matter … Read More

Why a Cloud Backup Protects your Patients’ Data

If you are a healthcare provider, you understand the need to keep your patients’ records safe and accessible at all times. HIPAA has high expectations of hospitals and other healthcare providers in regards to use and disclosure of their patients’ information. Backing up patients’ data to the cloud has emerged to be a HIPAA-compliant way of securing patients’ protected health … Read More

The Low-Risks and High Rewards of a Cloud Backup System

Cloud backup is something that every good business utilizes. If your hardware fails, you need a way of ensuring that your data is still accessible on other devices. But some backup systems are far superior to others. One of the best advances in the modern era of online computing has been the development of cloud systems. Cloud systems are essentially … Read More

How Cloud Backup Can Improve Your Business

Ensuring that your company’s data is protected and secure is an important part of owning a company. When your data is on cloud backup, you experience fewer data losses and better data coverage in the short-term. Cloud storage is subscription based, so you only pay for what your company uses. If your current data backup software isn’t performing as well … Read More

The Key Benefits of On-Premises Backup When Cloud Backup is Not a Feasible Option

Whether your business is a start-up or a well-established corporation, data backup is critical for your business operations; whether you opt for a cloud backup solution or an on-premises backup. Although there are different varieties of data backup solutions, deciding on one form of data backup will be determined by your understanding of data backup solutions. While there have been … Read More

Cloud Backup Solutions Provide Real Advantages

More Than a Fail-safe Cloud backup solutions represent more than just a fix for emergencies. You’ll also get a bevy of enhancements, which include: Redundancy enhancement Total cost of ownership reduction Expedited recovery Improvements in availability Enhancement of compliance and security regulations Redundancy Enhancement When it comes to backing up data with cloud computing solutions, the most advantageous application is the … Read More

Cloud Backup: Endpoint Protection is Integral for SMBs

Cloud backup is becoming less of a luxury and more of a commonality. One reason is the contemporary proliferation of mobile internet-enabled devices. If you want to stay on top of security, you have got to account for this convenience and this great innovation, because it is only becoming more prevalent. Several reasons SMBs should make security a paramount concern … Read More

Using Fog Computing for Cloud Backup

Modern cloud backup can be done with fog computing, which involves system-level horizontal architecture that distributes resources and services throughout the cloud while processing and storing data on the edge of a network. Fog nodes are used for networking, computing, storing, controlling, and speeding up tasks. Sensors and actuators are connected to fog nodes so that they can communicate with each other without necessarily … Read More

Which is Best: Cloud Backup or On-Site Storage?

Covering All Your Bases Cloud backup can really pull your bacon out of the fire. All you need is a smartphone that automatically backs itself up to the cloud and then to lose that smartphone. Suddenly, you’re very thankful for the cloud! But is cloud computing so secure for a larger business? Well, yes and no. It depends on the … Read More

The Difference Between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

A Fine Line Cloud backup and cloud storage are not synonymous. Cloud storage is exactly what it sounds like. Files are stored in the cloud, sometimes for free, in a way which makes them accessible for later. But the breakdown comes in choice. As it turns out, when it comes to cloud storage, the only files which are saved are those … Read More