Dealing with today’s cyber threats requires a fundamentally different approach. One that is layered and offers unified prevention, detection and response in a single platform driven by reflective models and advanced machine learning algorithms. Organizations should be able to detect malicious behavior across all vectors of attack, rapidly eliminate threats with fully-automated, integrated response capabilities, and adapt their defenses against the most advanced cyber-attacks.

Unfortunately, antivirus and next-gen antivirus comes up short when it comes to the constantly evolving tactics of these cyber-criminals. Security systems that solely focus on prevention will continue to face the consequences of compromise. Prevention is the first line of defense, it shouldn’t ever be the primary strategy. The reality is nearly 81% of businesses don’t have a proper system in place to self-detect a data breach, so how can they expect to respond properly?

We have to come to grips with the world we live in. Compromise is inevitable, but the consequences don’t have to be.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) has been a huge tool when it comes to end point protection, but when it’s reliant on an extensive security team to utilize it, it can be a lot for a business to handle.

So, what next? Is your business either left blind to these dangerous threats or burdened by the weight of dealing with them?

At Idealstor, we believe that is not a compromise your business should have to make. Our holistic strategy in Managed Detection and Response covers you in all three security gaps:

The Detection Gap: The amount of time it takes to uncover a breach

The Response Gap: The amount of time it takes to identify the scope of a breach and contain its damage.

The Prevention Gap: The amount of time needed to implement measures that avoid a repeat of the same or similar breach.


  • Kernel visibility
  • Post Infection Protection
  • Real-time
  • Prevent Data Exfiltration
  • Cloud / On-Premise
  • One Alert / Kill Chain Visibility
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Hunt/IR/ Virtual Patch
  • Large enterprise deployments
  • HQ/remote users
  • Virtual Patch
  • Rich API Framework
  • Hybrid Architecture
  • On-Line/Off-Line
  • Legacy OS Support
  • Turnkey or complementary to existing EPP/EDR
  • No dwell time
  • User Continuity
  • Automated EDR
  • Lower OPEX
  • No Breach
Traditional AV tools are blind to modern ransomware and legacy EDR tools fail to stop data breaches real-time.With Idealstor MDR Stop known and zero-day ransomware real-time both pre and post infection.
Legacy Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools only alert on post-infection threats, they don’t block them.With Idealstor MDR stop malware post-infection in real time from causing harm and tampering or exfiltrating data from your endpoint.
Legacy Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools introduce dwell time and require manual intervention to respond to infections.With Idealstor MDR get real-time protection post-infection out of the box, with no dwell time.
Traditional AntiVirus (AV) is blind to modern malware threats.With Idealstor MDR block advanced malware with certified next generation AntiVirus (NGAV) coupled with application communication control to ensures compliance.
Most endpoint security vendors require installation software products leading to agent exhaustion.With Idealstor MDR use one single lightweight agent to replace, complement, and overlay various endpoint security functions across your endpoints as you see fit.
Legacy Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools are challenged to scale beyond 2,500 endpoints as they place a tremendous amount of expense and complexity to overtasked security teams.With Idealstor’s cloud managed MDR, use a single lightweight endpoint security agent which can scale to protect hundreds of thousands of workstation, servers, and virtual endpoints.
Traditional Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools impose a massive alert fatigue burden on security teams.Idealstor’s security team will conduct forensics and threat hunting and remediate the threat.
Most endpoint security vendors are limited in Operating System (OS) and virtual environment support.Broad support to legacy and modern operating systems in both bare metal and virtual environments is provided by Idealstor.
Some endpoint security products fail to provide both pre- and post-infection protection when endpoint systems are not connected.With Idealstor MDR get both pre- and post-infection protection even when machines are not connected to the network so that you can protect your endpoints anywhere.
Traditional EDR tools require additional expense in specialized skill sets to adequately monitor and respond to threats post-infection.No additional headcount needed. All support will by provided by Idealstor.
Other endpoint security solutions require multiple agents to comply with security mandates.With Idealstor MDR you get certified NGAV, automated EDR, threat hunting, forensics, and virtual patching capabilities all in one single agent for PCI/DSS and HIPAA compliance.