Hacking is on the rise and the Small to Medium sized businesses are vulnerable targets.
Do you have a plan, or are you taking chances?

Of all breaches
could have been avoided with existing technology.

Of cyber breaches
happen to small and midsized business.

Is the average cost
of a data breach to a small business.

What does it take to keep you secure?
Updates Per Week
Threat Intelligence Database

Intrusion prevention rules


2 Million
New & updated AV definitions

1.3 Million
New URL ratings


Application Control rules

Hours of threat research globally


Terabytes of threat samples

Intrusion Prevention rules


350 Million
Rated websites in 78 categories

  • No capital expenditure and hardware obsolesce.
  • Low monthly cost. Affordable by even the smallest of businesses.
  • Protect your data from the outside threats BEFORE they even reach your network.
  • So simple to Setup. You will be up and running before you know it.
  • Wire speed security. Faster than most local firewalls.
  • Flexible security settings that can be adjusted to your business.