Cloud Storage For Your Business Continuity

Understanding Cloud Storage Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of cloud technology as it enables them to create a business continuity plan that can prevent significant data loss and easily recover files in the event of a disaster. While many offer cloud storages, not all virtual storages are created equal. Understanding the differences between the wide range of storage … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Business Continuity

There is a common misconception that a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is the same as a business continuity plan (BCP). There are meaningful differences between each. A comprehensive BCP is necessary for businesses of all types and varieties. Here are some important things you need to know about DRP and BCP in general: How BC and DRPs Work in Unison … Read More

Business Continuity Through Backup Retention Solutions

Backup Base on Need, Not Arbitrary Designation Business continuity is an integral component of modern operations. There are a lot of reasons such solutions must be in place and manageable. For one, disasters are going to happen. These disasters may not be of the “nuclear” or “Mt. St. Helens” variety. They may just be a new intern in the server … Read More

Business Continuity Tips for Keeping Sensitive Data Safe

Hospitals must create a business continuity plan that keeps data safe and easily accessible at any time. As you know, cyber threats are becoming more common and increasingly complex, so keeping data confidential is a top priority. In order to remain HIPAA-compliant, hospitals must store this information in a safe environment or they risk severe penalties for any data leaks. … Read More

Why Business Continuity Should Be a Top Concern

As man-made and accidental technology disasters increase, business continuity and recovery have become top priorities for all industries. It’s no longer a topic that can be pushed to the side, since no business is free of disasters. Businesses can guard against downtime by crafting a thoughtful, thorough backup plan. Why Downtime Must Be Avoided Downtime may once have been treated … Read More

Business Continuity Wards Off the Monsters

Imagine a world where monsters don’t just target groups of teenagers. Witches, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls also target your business. They take every chance to haunt your dreams, chase you into the woods, or scare you to death. These monsters are pure fiction. There are other monsters that affect your company in a very real sense. Natural disasters, security breaches, … Read More

Understanding Unified Threat Management Solutions for Business Continuity

There are countless cyber threats which can compromise business continuity in your company. These security problems include hacking by malicious individuals and organizations, malware infections and internal accidents during operations. Therefore, you should think about improving your network security tools. In the past, traditional firewalls were sufficient to prevent most threats from damaging computer systems. However, there have been advances … Read More

Understanding Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Solutions

Most commercial processes in companies are being performed on digital platforms. Therefore, data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions have become crucial in every sector. These elements are designed to help preserve data and ensure that a business can continue operating efficiently after the loss of data. Unfortunately, these three terms are not well-understood by most business owners, managers and executives. … Read More

Business Continuity: An Explanation

For some, business continuity (BC) seems like common sense. It is all about ensuring an organization’s operations can continue in a seamless manner in the face of adversity. If your business can’t continue unimpeded when threats arise, continuity will be lost and the bottom line will undoubtedly take a hit. This is precisely why a sound BC plan is critically … Read More