Combating the new age of Cyber-Criminals involved in Ransomware attacks

Picture the following scenario; you have just embarked on a well-deserved holiday to Austria with your significant other, and are about to check into the luxurious 4 star hotel- Romantik Seehotel Jägerwirt. Minutes after checking in, you learn that you are unable to enter your hotel room. The two of you would like to refresh yourselves before enjoying the beautiful … Read More

Hackers switching file types to infect

Hackers and malware distributors have been evolving due to recent announcements by Google and other email vendors blocking javascript and other attachments that are widely used for malicious activity but rarely used for legitimate activity.  Lately these criminals have been switching to file types like .lnk and .svg, the latter being very difficult to block as it’s a widely used … Read More

GitLab Fails on 5 out of 5 backup methods

Recently accidentally deleted a live production database while attempting to perform routine maintenance late at night.  The Guardian reports that a sysadmin working late at night mistakenly used the sudo rm -rf command(linux command for forced and recursive deletion of all files and folders in the specific folder, ran as superuser) on a live production folder containing database files and backups. … Read More

LA Valley College Pays $28,000 RansomWare Demand

In the latest big breach, the Los Angeles Valley College on recommendation of Cyber Security experts and Law Enforcement has agreed to pay $28,000 worth of Bitcoin to hackers. They had been infected with a new strain of Ransomware called Spora which was not detected by Anti-Virus. We’re seeing these types of 0-day attacks happening much more frequently in the … Read More

Washington DC CCTV Network hit with Ransomeware days before Inauguration

In yet another RansomWare attack, we now find out that a large scale infection targeting Security CCTV Camera Systems and Networks occurred in Washington DC just days before the Inauguration. The Washington Post reported that hackers had infected 70% of the storage devices that contain the Washington DC Police Surveillance cameras just eight days before the inauguration.  We are seeing … Read More

Recovering from Ransomware

This is a great video on recovering from a RansomWare attack, but as noted this is a completely stock type system with a very limited amount of data and it still took the user approximately 4 hours to clean his system and restore the encrypted files and he’s not yet reinstalled his applications like Microsoft Office etc. With Idealstor’s Flashback … Read More

San Francisco’s Light Rail System could have avoided Ransomware with Idealstor!

San Francisco’s Light Rail System was infected and brought down by hackers this busy holiday weekend resulting in millions of lost revenue!  The same Hacker is also responsible for the Ransomware attack on Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, which was held ransom for 3.6 million dollars. These headlines are becoming more and more frequent and it seems no one is safe.  In this case … Read More

Business Continuity, much more than just a backup!

Business Continuity often gets mistaken for backups, a lot of businesses believe if they have a backup system in place they are completely covered in the event of a disaster. Few businesses realize the time and work involved in getting back up from a disaster from just a simple backup. Performing a mock recovery of your mission critical systems is … Read More

Storage Switzerland recommends a closer look at Idealstor IHS

Storage Switzerland has recommended that SMBs take a closer look at Idealstor Integrated Hyper Converged Solutions in their latest Briefing Note. StorageSwiss’s article highlights the difficulty small to medium sized businesses have in creating a high performance reliable virtualized system.  Storage Switzerland points out the many different dilemmas a small business would run into like the cost and complexity of not … Read More

Idealstor’s IHS in the news!

Tech Target recently highlighted our new hyper-converged systems where we are given a virtual badge of honor for being the lowest priced hyper-converged solution on the market.  Tech Target’s article highlights the fact that we’ve been able to offer a hyper-converged system to the SMB market giving small and medium sized business’s the opportunity to have a completely redundant and … Read More