Why Disaster Recovery as a Service is Relevant to Your Business

disaster recovery as a service

IT systems are especially vulnerable when it comes to data loss, cybercriminal activity, and unavoidable human error. That’s why it’s time to consider disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) for your business. It’s not a matter of “if” your system is compromised, it’s a matter of “when”. Think of IT security solutions as brakes on your car and DRaaS as the seat belt, airbag, and full-coverage insurance combo that ensures even if you’re in a wreck, you come out of it not just unharmed, but without any monetary loss. You may be inconvenienced for several days while the insurance group sends you a check and you find a new car, but you won’t be dead.

That’s the point. DRaaS can help you keep from becoming defunct as a business. The time between a data-loss accident and recovery will represent your only real loss–but this can be substantial if the Service Level Agreement isn’t properly aligned with your business’s needs. Ideally, you want the shortest time from crash to recovery possible.

How Does DRaaS Work?

Disaster recovery as a service works in a number of ways. Primarily, systems are continuously monitored for anomalies, and a cloud-based solution works as a means of backing up, “floating”, and rebooting systems. Data is continuously backed up–based on your cloud package, of course. If something compromise operations, the cloud can “reflect” or “mirror” your business’s primary network such that those trying to access your website aren’t rebuffed by a “site down” message. Additionally, work once done on physical machines at your business’s primary location can also be mirrored on the cloud while your network is properly returned to its regular operating parameters.

A Thanksgiving Hypothetical

Now, what if your business is a “round-the-clock” operation as is popular today? There are many businesses that just can’t afford to close down except in the event of some emergency. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many IT agencies, internal tech solutions, and employees won’t be working during this holiday. Where will you be if there’s no one there to monitor operations when a hacker decides to be opportunistic?

With DRaaS, you can be sure that your systems will be properly protected even if staff aren’t on site. And this is especially important for a business in retail. Black Friday and Cyber Monday follow after Thanksgiving Thursday, and these both represent prime opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities in businesses large and small. When everybody’s busy, it’s a lot easier for common mistakes to go without being properly addressed. You need professional assistance from the right kind of DRaaS supplier in order to ensure your systems are protected.

Finding Your DRaaS Solution

Disaster recovery as a service through Idealstor can support your business via monitoring and mirroring solutions. If cybercriminals attack, you’ll be able to bounce back with relatively low levels of loss. We offer Service Level Agreements with recovery objectives that are realistic and manageable. Contact us now to ensure your business has the security support necessary.