Created for Small and Medium sized businesses, the Teralyte was designed to replace Tape Drives and Autoloaders at an affordable price while providing the benefits of using disk-based media. Combining the capacity, reliability and portability of Idealstor’s Removable Disk media, the Teralyte is a complete backup and disaster recovery solution.The Teralyte, just like a Tape Drive or an Autoloader, attaches to your backup server. Available in 2 flavors, USB3 which provides the convenience to hook it up to any system using built-in USB ports or SAS, which provides the ultimate in performance.With a starting capacity of 1TB, the Teralyte can scale to accommodate upto 32TB of RAW data. The Teralyte is available in 1, 2 or 4 Bay models. Each Teralyte ships with Idealstor’s Disk Management Utility (IDM) and an external USB3 or SAS controller.
  • Uses off-the-shelf disks
  • Rugged disk-based removable storage
  • WORM( Write Once Read Many) capable*
  • Supports 256 Bit AES encryption**
  • Supports data deduplication**
  • Uses standard SATA disks
  • Speeds with up to 6Gb/s and access time less than 10 ms
  • Can support CIFS or NFS
*Available as an option **Only supported on Windows 2012 Server