Data is growing at an incredible rate of 40% per year, One big pain point for IT professionals is keeping track of that Data growth.

  • Do you know how much storage you have?
  • Globally across all machines?
  • Every system, every disk?
  • Which systems are growing faster than the others?
  • How much storage was utilized yesterday, last week, last month or last year?
  • How much longer before you are going to run out of storage space?
Average data storage need in 1987 (500MB)
Average data storage need in 2007 (45GB)
Average data storage need in 2016 (3.4TB)
Average data growth rate (40%)

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  • Get alerts when space is running low on systems.
  • See how your data is growing.
  • Know how much data you have.
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  • Get the Intelligence you need to manage your data.