Advanced backup and disaster recovery for virtual and physical environments with centralized management for small, midsized business and large enterprises

  • Management of virtual and physical machines from one console
  • Agentless backup and replication of ESX guest machines
  • Agentless backup of Hyper-V guest machines*
  • Application-level backup of MS Exchange email databases
  • Remote recovery and on-site hardware independent restore (HIR)
  • Multi-tier storage infrastructure and exclusive data deduplication
Protect & Restore (PPR) provides fast backup and best-in-class recovery capabilities. It ties in seamlessly with hypervisors for agentless backups, VM replication and instant restores. This makes PPR the ideal solution for IT admins of complex IT infrastructures and companies with rather small and basic installations alike. The central management console allows the user to configure backup and retention policies, storage locations, and perform restores, all conveniently from one console.
Maximized Business Continuity
  • Reduced downtime through optimized RPO and RTO
  • Reliable and fast restores to similar or different hardware
  • Restore VMs in minutes from replica
  • Remote operation of backups and restores
  • Set-and-forget operation
 Reduced IT Overhead and Cost
  • Minimizing backup windows and storage footprint
  • Cutting storage requirements by up to 80%
  • Leverage VMs for powerful and cost-effective DR strategies
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Simplified Management
  • Backup/restore VMs and physical machines from one single console
  • Archive to off-site locations via Idealstor solution
  • Save time and eliminate risk
Future-proof investment
  • Scalability for growing environments or medium to large enterprises
  • Support of most advanced hardware and operating systems
  • Fast backup times and reduced overhead on target machines and backup servers