Idealstor Disk-to-Disk benefits at no extra cost

Idealstor is capable of data at sustained transfer rates of 6 Gb/s, whereas the fastest tape drives today only offer high-transfer rates using streaming. The big difference is that disk does not need to be streamed, making it ideal for typically slow backups such as incremental backups, transaction log backups and backups of clients on slow networks. In addition, since disk’s access time is in milliseconds, restores are much faster.

Does the phrase “Backup failed, clean tape drive” look familiar? Ever experienced a spool of tape being stuck and ruining your tape drive? Tape drives and media frequently fail; magnetic tapes are susceptible to the oxide flaking off after a period of time. According to one of the largest tape library manufacturers, tape drives mounted in a tape library have an annual failure rate of more than 60%. Idealstor uses inexpensive SATA disks which have an annual failure rate of less than 0.8%.

Idealstor allows you to use different sizes of disks in any of our bays. This allows you to cater your backup to your specific data needs. In addition, you can use any 3rd party software or hardware with our solution.

With a starting capacity point of 1TB, each cartridge can scale to 6TB native with a maximum of 8 cartridges in a system. This gives you a RAW capacity of 48TB. With compression of 2:1 this would give you a capacity of 96TB. If used in conjunction with a data deduplication ratio of 20:1 this would give you a capacity of 960TB. With additional advancement in technology from drive manufacturers, this should scale up even more as larger disks are manufactured.

Unlike tape libraries, Idealstor does not have robotic arms nor does it need calibration, reducing the need for maintenance. Idealstor uses disk media that does not require it to be re-tensioned or replaced annually.

Idealstor runs on the Windows Operating System, a top choice for most administrators. Just a click of the mouse and a turn of a key is all you need. Unlike tape libraries that require a learning curve and constant attention our solution is not only easy to use but also easy to maintain.

Idealstor uses ruggedized disks like tape, and makes them easily portable for off-site storage.

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