Recovering from Ransomware

This is a great video on recovering from a RansomWare attack, but as noted this is a completely stock type system with a very limited amount of data and it still took the user approximately 4 hours to clean his system and restore the encrypted files and he’s not yet reinstalled his applications like Microsoft Office etc.

With Idealstor’s Flashback Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution, not only would you be notified about a RansomWare infection, but you’d also be back up and running within minutes instead of dealing with the downtime and lost productivity of at least half a day setting your system backup. Idealstor’s Flashback appliance would give you the opportunity to Instantly launch a previous backup virtually on the appliance itself from a snapshot before your infection or encryption of your files, run an antivirus product to clean the infection and then restore the files from the latest point before encryption.

Not only will you be up and running very quickly, you’ll also have the excellent support of Idealstor Engineers to walk you through the process in the event of a disaster!

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