The Importance of Having an Established Disaster Recovery Solution in Place

Unpredictable Situations

disaster recoveryDisaster recovery (DR) is something you hope to never need, but if you don’t have it, you could lose everything. Consider recent hacking of the DNC (Democratic National Convention) that has since caused the company to implode like a stack of sodden cards. If they’re not safe from digital disaster, that is a strong indicator that no one truly is; which means recovery preparedness solutions must be designed and fleshed out as far in advance as is possible.

The situation which sideswiped the DNC is different than that which threatens most companies seeking IT support, but it still could have been diminished via IT. The point is unforeseen danger can come at any time, and to any organization regardless of size. At the very least, you should have a plan ready if plausible disasters develop which compromise business, especially in terms of data storage, security, and management.

Several benefits of a solid disaster recovery plan include:

  • Downtime reduction
  • Brand protection
  • Maintaining continuous operable presence – the world’s always on
  • Human error protection

Downtime Reduction

Backup and data recovery (BDR) is available through cloud computing. While not yet instantaneous, the right contingency plan employing BDR can get your systems operational in a fraction of the time you needed previously. Potential to conserve resources while diminishing the impact of a disaster equates to savings.

Brand Protection

If your brand is hacked, that’s bad PR, and like Bear-Stearns, your company could fold— depending on its size, of course. Even small-time PR against SMBs can end up bankrupting a company. Data needs to be secure because it has a bearing on the perception of your business. Also, client usage is secured when data is. If they’re experiencing interruptions, that’s bad for you. Unfortunately, you’ll likely have some throughout your business’s life cycle. Being able to quickly bounce back can cut negative impact from technological disasters that couldn’t be avoided.

Continuous Operable Presence

This is related to brand protection, but it goes deeper. Today, everyone is on smartphones, laptops, tablets, games, or some form of the Internet non-stop. It’s gotten to the point where the loss of Internet in a given municipality could equate to the loss of millions. So much is financially tied into the Internet today, that the domino effect of one link in a given financial chain failing can be monstrous. However, with MSP services, you’re able to keep yourself continuously online through various disaster protocols.

Human Error Protection

Internal threats are the worst ones. These come through accident, they come deliberately via sabotage, and they can fundamentally undermine any business. Any plan for recovery from disaster must include this scenario. Thankfully, through an MSP that knows their tech, you can lessen the statistical risk of internal human error. BDR solutions through the cloud can continuously back up information to the moment of crash and all you lose is several minutes. Also, the right DR agency can help train your staff against common security and operational risk.

Safeguarding Your Business

Disaster recovery solutions through Idealstor have been designed to help you maintain a continuous online presence, prevent avoidable human error, protect your brand, and reduce downtime. Contact us for recovery solutions that will safeguard your business.

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