Business Continuity: An Explanation

business continuityFor some, business continuity (BC) seems like common sense. It is all about ensuring an organization’s operations can continue in a seamless manner in the face of adversity. If your business can’t continue unimpeded when threats arise, continuity will be lost and the bottom line will undoubtedly take a hit. This is precisely why a sound BC plan is critically important for businesses and organizations of all sizes and varieties.

The Basics of BC

BC is centered on building and boosting resilience. The most important products, services, and corresponding activities must be identified long before an actual crisis unfolds. Once this analysis is performed, detailed plans must be drafted to mitigate the damage of the crisis. If an organization does not have a rock-solid BC strategy formed, operations could come to a grinding halt.

It is imperative that your organization knows exactly how to bounce back from all different types of disruptions, regardless of their magnitude or cause. BC provides the framework of support necessary for disasters, crises and unexpected events of every variety. The lack of a well-formulated plan will undoubtedly leave the business unstable and significantly lacking in security. A corresponding security breach or disruption in operations could result in a loss of clients and possibly even force the business to close its doors.

Continuous Functionality in the Midst of Chaotic Events

If a business cannot deliver its products or services when a disruption arises, it does not have a BC plan with merit. Such operations should be carried out at predefined levels even when disasters strike. This is not to say the organization should continue onward with business as though nothing has changed. BC is all about planning for the worst, adjusting on-the-fly and providing clients with the services/products they expect.

A Look at BCM

Business continuity management (BCM) is best defined as an overarching management process that pinpoints possible threats to the organization, as well as the impact those threats could potentially make on the organization. Such threats sometimes have the potential to completely shut down the enterprise. BCM provides a framework to respond in an effective manner that protects the interests of the organization’s stakeholders. This response should also preserve the organization’s brand, reputation, and ability to generate a profit.

The BCM Lifecycle

BC is centered on the BCM Lifecycle. This refers to the stages the organization passes through and repeats with the overarching goal of heightening the company’s resilience. These stages are often called “professional practices.” Their purpose is to empower the company to remain productive and effective when a crisis occurs.

The Reliable Assistance Your Business Needs

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