The Importance of Disaster Recovery as a Service

disaster recovery as a service

Critical work files can be damaged in a variety of ways and hiring a company that offers disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) can help save your business a countless amount of money and gives you a peace of mind. As you know, disaster can strike at any moment, whether it is: a cyber-attack, natural disaster, or even accidental deletion of files. Choosing a business that offers disaster recovery can help prevent your company becoming the next victim to data loss. Here are a few things you need to consider when selecting a company that provides backup and recovery services.

Which Backup Service Do I Need?

Many businesses are often faced with deciding between backup or recovery services. Fortunately, these services do not have to be separate and can be combined to offer the best protection possible. As you may know, backup and disaster recovery typically means the practice of copying computer files onto another storage device. These backup copies are made periodically and can be restored from the most recent copy at any time. One of the main benefits of backup and recovery is the option to do frequent backups that will offer faster recovery times. Ultimately, this can help increase business continuity and help prevent your company from suffering a major data loss disaster. On the other hand, disaster recovery as a service protects the entire system and not a select group of individual files. Instead of retrieving data, the primary focus of disaster recovery is the ability to get the application functioning again in a timely manner. This process can help limit downtime and eliminates the costs of storing data in an off-site location or using costly infrastructure.

Differences Between Backup & Disaster Recovery

If a company must choose between using DRaaS and backup services, it is important to understand the differences between them. For example, backup services provide instant access to documents and files, while disaster recovery offers an alternate infrastructure environment. Another difference between the two is that backup services copy data while disaster recovery creates a new production environment to help quicken the recovery process. Both of these services work great together and can save your company thousands of dollars by minimizing the length of downtime.

Using disaster recovery as a service offers immense value that can help prevent your company from being the next victim of a cyber-attack or natural disaster. The utilization of these services will provide another added layer of protection and serves as an excellent safety net. Idealstor is a hardware company that specializes in backup solutions. Our staff is specially trained to answer any questions and provide the best customer services available. Our mission is to keep your data safe and secure through the use of the latest technology. Whether your company is large or small, we believe that we can offer the greatest protection from the loss of data. Contact us today and begin experiencing the immense benefits of data protection through disaster recovery and backup solutions.

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