Idealstor Use Cases

The Idealstor removable disk solution offers an affordable and more robust alternative to other portable solutions on the market. Offering random access performance, simplicity and portability, Idealstor can be used for many different purposes including WORM (Write Once Read Many) for archive applications where regulatory compliance is required.

Off-site Backup

Idealstor is a simple replacement for portable USB drives or tapes which can be taken off site for disaster recovery. It is built tough and can scale as data increases to accommodate growth.

Backup Seeding

Seeding to the cloud, private or public, can be costly. Idealstor cartridges can be shipped anywhere for faster seeding of the initial backup and with our Hybrid Cloud solution we ship you a disk with return shipping for faster seeding. With their large capacity, small size and ruggedness, the Idealstor cartridges are a lot easier and more cost effective than moving entire systems from one location to the other.

Nearline Storage

Data on the Idealstor cartridge can be kept in native format, making it ideal for use as nearline storage to archive old data. This not only saves on electric costs, but also wear and tear on the drives since they will be offline but near enough to make the data available in seconds.

Optical Replacement

Idealstor WORM (Write Once Read Many) disk cartridges offer a more robust and cost-effective way to meet compliance requirements than Optical Media. Having the flexibility to reuse the cartridges once the retention period has expired added with the reliability and speed make Idealstor a perfect contender for long-term content storage solution for healthcare and financial transactions.

Transporting Large Files

Some industries have remote operations where a large amount of data is being created. Getting this data off site can be difficult either because the links are unavailable, unreliable or there simply is not enough bandwidth to do so. Idealstor’s portability makes it easy to transport this valuable data to a more convenient location.


Be it long term archival, off-site storage for disaster recovery, transporting large data sets or meeting compliance requirements, Idealstor does it all efficiently and reliably.

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