Idealstor Unveils Industry’s Most Inexpensive Hyper-Converged System

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Small Medium Businesses by 40% and more

Idealstor IHS Delivers High Availability and Scalability for the Virtual Infrastructure at $7498 per node without compromising quality and performance

AUSTIN, Texas — May 27, 2015 — Idealstor, a leading manufacturer of information storage solutions, today introduced its line of Hyper-Converged Systems (IHS) for virtual environments. Designed for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), remote offices and enterprise edge sites, Idealstor’s new entry-level IHS is the industry’s most inexpensive hyper-converged system. IHS slashes entry level Virtualization Infrastructure system cost by 40% and more when compared to currently available hyper-converged systems on the market.

“A broader set of enterprises and especially SMBs have been waiting for an entry price point that will enable them to realize the recognized benefits of lower infrastructure cost, lower IT overhead and higher compute performance delivered by hyper-converged systems,” said Jeff Kato, Senior Analyst at Taneja Group. “Idealstor’s IHS dramatically lowers the entry barriers by offering the lowest cost hyper-converged system on the market while promising high availability and scalability.”

Idealstor’s IHS delivers high availability and scalability for the virtual infrastructure without compromising quality and performance.  IHS eliminates the need for expensive shared storage solutions while delivering significant cost savings for customers by reducing application downtime, simplifying management and accelerating performance.

All the benefits that virtualization offers can now be realized with the availability of hyper-converged systems that are scalable, flexible, affordable and lower the total cost of ownership.

“With a starting price of $7498 per node it is truly the most inexpensive Hyper-Converged System on the market today providing enterprise-class performance,” said Nandan Arora, Chief Technology Officer at Idealstor. “Idealstor IHS not only removes the cost and complexity associated with traditional shared storage, but also provides small and medium sized businesses an affordable way to modernize their data centers and provide all the benefits that virtualization brings,” he added.

Idealstor IHS provides both compute and storage for the virtual environment utilizing standard server hardware. Performance and capacity is achieved using server-side flash and disk drives. Idealstor’s IHS supports the industry leading hypervisors including VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. IHS also provides the shared storage necessary to enable advanced hypervisor features such as High Availability/Failover Cluster, vMotion/Live Migration and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)/Dynamic Optimization.

Idealstor IHS is deployed as a simple 2-node cluster. However, the flexibility of the architecture enables the virtual infrastructure performance and/or capacity to be scaled to meet changing business needs without impacting service availability. This is achieved by adding additional capacity to existing servers or by growing the cluster.

Key Features of IHS
  • High availability shared storage using industry standard servers and DAS
  • Real-time protection of data
  • Eliminates single point of failure while assuring service uptime
  • Easy to manage
  • Accelerated performance using flash

To access and download the data sheet for Idealstor’s IHS, please click here.

Click to download Idealstor’s whitepaper on Hyper-Converged Systems.

Availability and Configuration

Idealstor’s IHS is currently available on order and can be configured to meet customer’s specific requirements. IHS is offered at a starting price of $7498 per node. To request for more information or schedule a IHS demo, please contact sales at 512-279-4321 or via email at [email protected]

About Idealstor

Idealstor, an Austin, Texas-based data storage company, was founded in 2002 with a mission to supply customers with a fresh and value-driven solution for their storage needs. Idealstor brings a new approach to data storage in terms of performance, reliability, scalability, ease of use and functionality for businesses of all sizes

For more information on Idealstor, please visit or call 512-279-4321.

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