Idealstor’s IHS in the news!

Tech Target recently highlighted our new hyper-converged systems where we are given a virtual badge of honor for being the lowest priced hyper-converged solution on the market.  Tech Target’s article highlights the fact that we’ve been able to offer a hyper-converged system to the SMB market giving small and medium sized business’s the opportunity to have a completely redundant and fault tolerant solution for their compute and storage needs without a single point of failure, something previously accessible to enterprise level companies only.

Our goal is to take on SMBs and remote sites. Hyper-convergence is hot these days, but most SMBs have not heard the term. We wanted to build a system where you know what kind of performance to expect, and there’s no complexity in putting it together.  The Hyper-Converged System’s we’ve put together are not only affordable but very high performance as well, and all in a proven package that is not only cheaper then a system you could build on your own but that comes with our world class support as well.  A plug and play hyper-converged solution for the small to medium business that simply works out of the box.

Sign up for a demo and see how Idealstor’s Hyper-Converged Systems can give your business not only better performance but also increased reliability without a single point of failure.

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