Business Continuity, much more than just a backup!

Business Continuity often gets mistaken for backups, a lot of businesses believe if they have a backup system in place they are completely covered in the event of a disaster. Few businesses realize the time and work involved in getting back up from a disaster from just a simple backup.

Performing a mock recovery of your mission critical systems is something every business should do twice a year but few actually take the time to do. Most businesses do not take into account the time involved in recovering from a disaster and how this affects their business, along with how far back the recovery point being used was taken with all the important data written since the last recovery point lost forever.

The way that Business Continuity stands out from normal backups is that it gives you the opportunity to be recover from a disaster within seconds, either locally or from the cloud. Instead of taking the time to rebuild a server and restore the data which could take hours or even days, Business Continuity gives you the opportunity to instantly turn on your backup in the form of a virtual machine locally or in the cloud, allowing you to take your time in fixing the initial problem while your business keeps working as normal. This is also done with minimal to no data loss from very frequent recovery points, and gives you the capability of running everything in the cloud in the event of a total disaster.

If you haven’t tested a complete restore of your mission critical systems in the last year, please do so as soon as possible. If it takes longer than a few minutes feel free to reach out to use for a demo of how you can be up and running in seconds!

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