San Francisco’s Light Rail System could have avoided Ransomware with Idealstor!

San Francisco’s Light Rail System was infected and brought down by hackers this busy holiday weekend resulting in millions of lost revenue!  The same Hacker is also responsible for the Ransomware attack on Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, which was held ransom for 3.6 million dollars.

These headlines are becoming more and more frequent and it seems no one is safe.  In this case the Ransomware looks like it came through a vulnerability in an unpatched OS, but we frequently hear about companies with high security measures in place becoming victim from a simple email phishing attack on an unsuspecting non-technical employee.  These phishing attacks come from email addresses that frequently masquerade as coming from a supervisor or fellow employee and are very difficult for a busy employee to realize before it’s too late.

Idealstor’s Flashback Hybrid Cloud Backup would have not only prevented this from getting out of hand with it’s Ransomware detection, but also have made it very quick to recover from this type of attack.  Not only is the ransom expensive but most companies fail to realize the potential in loss of revenue from an attack like this, as San Francisco’s Light Rail System has now experienced the loss of millions in revenue from the system being down during such a critical time like a busy holiday weekend!

Idealstor’s Flashback System detects Ransomware as it starts to infect files, sending out an email to administrators letting them know to check on the machine.  This early warning system not only gives you time to stop the attack before everything is encrypted, it also gives you time to recover from the attack before the system even goes down.  Recovering from an attack like this only takes seconds with a solution like Flashback, allowing you to instantly virtualize an older backup locally or in the cloud.

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