Washington DC CCTV Network hit with Ransomeware days before Inauguration

In yet another RansomWare attack, we now find out that a large scale infection targeting Security CCTV Camera Systems and Networks occurred in Washington DC just days before the Inauguration.

The Washington Post reported that hackers had infected 70% of the storage devices that contain the Washington DC Police Surveillance cameras just eight days before the inauguration.  We are seeing these Cyber Attacks causing real world problems and having real world implications that can cause real world safety issues.  In this instance the Surveillance System was unable to record for four days.

The Washington DC Police Department and companies handling the surveillance system chose not to pay the ransom in this case and spent a total of 5 days fixing the problems and recovering from the intrusion and hacking of their equipment.  This was a very quick turn around for repairing the data but they did lose their surveillance footage and where unable to record for the 4 days during the infection.  Being on the timeline of needing to record for the inauguration I’m sure there was an extra sense of urgency, however if they were protected with a solution like our Flashback system not only would they have received a warning before their data was held ransom, they would have been able to recover almost instantly from the infection by reverting to a previous snapshot.

With more and more systems being connected to the Internet and the Hackers becoming more and more advanced this is a problem that almost everyone has been affected by.  Contact us today to see a short demo of how we can protect your business from the ever growing threat of ransomware and other disasters!

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