IT Security is Fundamental— Neglecting It Can Implode Your Business!

Hope You’re Never Hacked, Prepare for When It Happens

IT securityIT security of the finest grade can’t ensure your business won’t be undermined. Have you heard of the “Vault 7” information made public by Wikileaks? The CIA got hacked. If their servers aren’t immune, that means nobody’s are, or ever will be.

What you can do is use a system of information categorization and protection that acts in a damage control capacity and limits the data hackers can escape with. Yes, the CIA got hacked, but they didn’t get totally hacked. The reason it’s difficult to get information from this agency is because they use the latest security methods available, and to that end have become successfully at curtailing hostile, invasive attempts.

Some methods of protection used by the CIA and other top-tier agencies that understand the IT environment include:

  • Lateral Data Transfer Limitation
  • Ensuring Constant Updates/Upgrades
  • Monitoring/Machine Learning to Find Abnormalities
  • Credentials and Security Passwords
  • Security Insurance

Transfer Limitation

IT security firms could learn a lesson from 1600s England. Where were the pirates and buccaneers most likely to advance their thieving tactics? In transit, of course. When England was sending goods to or from the Caribbean, the pirates knew that certain vessels would be unaccompanied by protection, and they could attack. Well, when you’re transferring data between computers or servers, there’s vulnerability there. Idealstor has learned that lesson and its Panoptic Cyber defense service provides protection to safeguard your data from endpoint to endpoint. Using Network Intrusion Detection and Network and Firewall Monitoring, the network traffic is being monitored and suspect traffic is sandboxed and analyzed. All these to safeguard the transfer of your data.

Updates and Upgrades

You can’t always afford to have the most top-of-the-line system on the market, but when you can upgrade your hardware and update your software, you’ll be able to naturally prevent against many common hacks. Hackers must change their game as new solutions become available, but many businesses tread water with old systems so long that hacking becomes easier. Don’t be one of those businesses.

Machine Learning and Monitoring

Most often, hacking is going to look abnormal to some degree. Machine learning uses a kind of proactive defense to determine whether certain activities are beyond the realm of regular functionality or not. When such activities are unveiled, automatic protections are sprung. But automated systems aren’t enough— you need that human element. Sometimes, obscure functionality happens when a new system is introduced. Software often can’t tell the difference, whereas people can.

Credentials and Security Passwords

This one is simple and straightforward: have passwords, make credentials required for access of certain data. Be aggressive in getting such protocols applied across the company, and change this information regularly.

Security Insurance

If you’re a smoker, you’re less likely to get an insurance policy on your health. If you’re using lax security, security insurance is less likely to give you a policy because they expect they’ll have to make payments. Have your system examined by insurance experts, and they’ll definitely find weaknesses and help you rectify them.

Use a professional IT Security Provider

The days of the lone hacker, breaking into a system for fun, are long gone. The majority of hackers responsible for recent costly and damaging data breaches work in large organizations with infrastructure and resources that rival the legitimate corporations they attack, and their goal is to turn your data into illegal profit. Idealstor provides IT security that is designed to cover all bases outlined here, and cost-effectively. We have the knowledge and resources to counter any cyberattack. Contact us for security solutions to make your business as airtight as possible.

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