Importance of Managed IT Security Services

IT securityBusinesses are increasingly facing various cyber threats, and IT security has never been more important. Luckily, Idealstor provides managed security services for companies of all sizes. Whether you need the latest virus protection or the newest software update, managed security services will meet all of your business needs. Here are five reasons why companies should consider outsourcing our IT support:

1. Prevent Data Loss & Security Breaches

Security threats are on the rise, and businesses need the latest technical support for all types of viruses and malware. An in-house IT department has a limited budget and is not able to offer the best protection. On the other hand, a managed security service has a dedicated team that specializes in preventative and pro-active solutions against on-line security threats. With the latest protection, you will experience a reliable network and the best customer service.

2. Reduce Costs & Save Time

Are you looking for ways to decrease costs and save time? A managed security service is the perfect option for a business that needs a high-quality service that will limit costs and downtime. As you may know, hiring an in-house IT department is very costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, outsourcing IT support provides your company with an excellent service without the added costs of an employee. Through this fixed cost, you will be able to plan your budget accordingly.

3. Customized Support

All businesses are different, and each one has unique needs. A managed security service is able to provide a specific plan that is the best fit for your business. For example, each computer and network will be continually tested to detect any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Through this customized support, your company will experience the very best IT security.

4. Increase Growth & Production

Companies are always looking for more ways to be productive and increase growth. A managed security service provides a stable system with minimal downtime, thus allowing employees the ability to work without any interruptions. They also provide the latest virus protection and continually provide updates to counteract malicious software designed to steal precious data. With the help of the latest software, your employees will become more productive and ultimately increase company profits.

5. 24-Hour Support

Computer problems can arise at any moment and cause severe damage in only a short amount of time. Managed security services offer around the clock support and continually monitor servers for any unusual activity. If you have any questions, you can also contact our security professionals at any time and day of the week. Customer support is always a top priority, and we believe in providing the best service at no additional cost.

As you can see, businesses can really benefit with the use of a managed security service. Whether you are a small or large company, you will experience the advantages of a more productive and safer work environment. Don’t wait until you experience a massive data breach that can cripple your business. Our experienced professionals at Idealstor specialize in providing the best IT security. Let us help your company reach new heights through the increasingly complex IT world. Contact us today!

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