Playing it Safe: What Your Business Needs to Know about IT Security

IT securityJust like you wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked, you need to protect your systems with IT security measures. While it is more difficult to visualize, a security breach in your computer system cost as much, if not more, than a physical break in.

The Stakes

Your reliance on computers and data warehouses often go deeper than you would think. When everything is working fine, you turn on your computer, access your files, and do your work. Nothing out of the ordinary. But, let’s think for a minute on your reaction if something went wrong.

One of the newest and most talked about threats is ransomware. A cyber-criminal gets in, encrypts your files, and then demands payment. You have no access to any of your data at this point in time. Your entire business is at a standstill.

To add to this, your customers trust you with their data. A security breach like this can wreak havoc in many different ways. If your IT security is lax, it is possible that identity thieves can use your data to steal your client’s identities. While it seems like a thing from the movies, identity theft is a huge problem.

Get With the Program

The first line of defense is your computer systems. Passwords, encryption, and firewalls are all pieces to the security puzzle. This might sound like it is out of your realm and that is fine. Many companies specialize in providing security serves to you. It is much better to contract this to a specialized company, especially if you are unsure. There are programs out there, which let you manage your company’s security on your own. Only use this if you are comfortable enough, and most businesses benefit from outsourcing this risk.

Train Your Staff

The system you put in place for your security is only as good as the people who use it. One of the biggest security flaws seen in the workplace now are the workers. User error causes even the best systems to fail.

To avoid this, make sure your staff is trained. They need to know the importance of security procedures and ways to stay safe. Complacency is the death of security. After a while, some people get lax in their measures. They find it easier to share passwords, they use common passwords, or they do other dangerous things. Even using the most advanced security measures, when your employees use 0000 as a password, criminals will get in.

Keeping your data safe protects you and your clients. It is important to remember that there are very mean people out there. They will take advantage of any little hole in your IT security. Protection is key to avoiding cyberattacks, and is done with two things. The security systems, including passwords, encryption, and firewalls are your first line of defense. To complete the wall, train your staff on ways to keep your system safe from attack. This is a real risk with real consequences, but with the right care, your business can avoid these threats. For trusted and high-quality security services, contact us at Idealstor today.

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