Seven Benefits of Cloud Backup

cloud backupBusinesses are increasingly using IT services and it is essential to use a cloud backup that will keep your data safe and protected. Without a safeguard, your company can lose valuable data through a natural disaster or malicious software. Fortunately, data backup and recovery has never been simpler. Here are a few ways that your organization can benefit with the use of cloud services:

1. Takes Advantage of Existing Infrastructure

The use of data backup is cost effective for companies because it seamlessly integrates with infrastructure that is already in place. You do not have to worry about purchasing any new equipment and it backups each critical file. Once the backup is complete, it stores the encrypted files at an offsite data center. This whole process takes advantage of cloud technology without requiring your company any additional expenses.

2. Reliability

The use of a cloud backup offers the best protection available and is much more reliable than other backup data and recovery services. You can quickly restore lost data at any time or location. With such high reliability, your employees will be able to focus on their work without worrying about accidentally deleting important files.

3. File Transfer Security

Keeping your critical work files protected is an essential function of an IT company. Each file is encrypted before they are transmitted to an offsite data center. Hackers will be unable to penetrate these files and they will be securely sent from your server to the data center.

4. Reduce Costs

Maintaining low costs is a goal for businesses of all sizes. The use of cloud services provides a low-cost solution for file protection. Losing valuable data can become costly and time-consuming. Cloud technology allows your organization to restore data, which ultimately helps your company reduce costs.

5. Better Manage IT Resources

Cloud technology allows your IT team to focus on more important tasks and become much more productive. The use of an IT expert will take advantage of cloud technology and enable your employees to work much quicker and efficient. On the other hand, companies that do not use cloud technology are at a severe disadvantage.

6. Improve Compliance Safeguards

Companies are always looking for better ways to improve safeguards. Backing up data in multiple data centers offers the best protection from outside threats or a natural disaster. It also remains much more cost efficient than manually copying files onto another drive.

7. Eliminates Tape Backup

The use of tape backups are usually expensive and can easily be stolen. On the other hand, the use of cloud technology allows you to backup critical files much quicker with fewer costs. They also have a much lower risk of being stolen because of the use of encryption. The data can also be restored at a much faster rate than manually restoring them with a tape backup.

As you can see, the use of cloud backup can impact your business in many ways. Idealstor is a company that takes advantage of cloud technology and allows companies to restore data that was lost or stolen. We understand the importance of keeping your files safe and we specialize in restoring data quickly and efficiently. Contact us today and let us help your organization take advantage of cloud technology.

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