Four Facts That Necessitate Disaster Recovery Planning For SMBs

disaster recoveryData protection is the major reason that necessitates disaster recovery planning for businesses. From the start, it’s good to remember that the value of data to any organization is matched by no other asset within that organization.

Cybercriminals have become cleverer and more tactical. On the other hand, human errors remain a serious headache to many businesses. With these in mind, having a recovery plan in place is a very practical move to make for your business. Here are some facts that tell you it’s time to get a BDR plan ready today:

1. The Probability of a Data Center Downtime Knocking You Out of Business is High

Downtime in business is caused mostly by factors beyond human control. Natural factors, such as floods and hurricanes, can bring with them a downtime in your business. Going by statistics, a week of data center downtime is enough to bring a business to its knees within a year’s time. As a matter of fact, National Archives and Records Administration records show that 90% of businesses have closed after experiencing a 7-day downtime.

Even though natural disasters are beyond your control, you can control the extent to which they affect your business. Having a disaster recovery plan is a solid way of ensuring uptime in your SMB.

2. Human Errors are Mitigatable But are Hard to Eradicate

Human error accounts for a good percentage of data losses in any organization. Your employees can, at times, make costly mistakes that can destabilize your business. You could argue that training them reduces the probability of making mistakes and you are 100% right. However, a reduced probability means that there is still a small chance for an error to occur. In order to guard against that small chance, it is important to embrace BDR in your business.

3. System Failure is Riskier than Natural Disasters

It may sound strange to many, but the fact is that system failure contributes to more cases of downtime than natural disasters. Many SMBs lack the resources to hire a competent in-house IT team; therefore, when systems collapse, they take long before recovering. Statistics reveal that only about 20% of SMBs have the ability to bounce right back to normalcy after suffering from system breakdown. If your business is not part of the 20%, then you can see how critical a BDR plan is.

4. Losing Client Data Damages Your Brand Reputation and Can Have Your Company Sued

As mentioned before, data is the most valuable of all assets in any organization. It was also mentioned that cyber criminals have become more tactical nowadays. With these facts in mind, it’s clear that the chances of losing your clients’ data are high today than they have ever been. If data gets in wrong hands, your brand reputation is compromised. Besides that, clients can sue your business in a court of law where you can be forced to pay for damages. Therefore, having a BDR in place is important.

At Idealstor, we can help you to maximize your business’ uptime by protecting it from IT disasters with a reliable disaster recovery plan. For more information, contact us today.

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