The Difference Between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup

A Fine Line

cloud backupCloud backup and cloud storage are not synonymous. Cloud storage is exactly what it sounds like. Files are stored in the cloud, sometimes for free, in a way which makes them accessible for later. But the breakdown comes in choice. As it turns out, when it comes to cloud storage, the only files which are saved are those specifically chosen for retention. This means updates, newly saved files, files which have been transferred, internet history, the latest sync, and other markers of activity aren’t retained in the event of a crash.

Meanwhile, when you have backup solutions as facilitated through the cloud, everything is updated as it happens. Every click of the mouse, command from the keyboard, updated file, uploaded song, synced device, or what-have-you is recorded and updated. Completely continuous backup is what takes place. This means when the worst case scenario comes, you will lose nothing from the moment an error compromised operations.

This is especially good news when you consider that the vast majority of errors come from accidents. People spill their tea, trip on cords, download ransomware, or hit the wrong keys at the wrong time.

If And When

When it comes to crashes, the question isn’t “if,” it’s “when.” If all you’ve got is online storage, when the worst comes, you’ll lose that which you haven’t specifically chosen for salvage. Perhaps that’s alright if you’re functioning on an individual basis— though it’s still not really acceptable. If you’re running any kind of business, neglecting to institute some form of cloud backup could be that which ultimately bankrupts your enterprise.

What Makes Cloud Computing Safe?

Certainly, if you’re going to back everything up to the cloud, you want to be entirely assured of its efficacy, security, safety, and utility. Thankfully, all backup updates are entirely encrypted for both your protection and that of the cloud computing agency. In fact, several safety features condensed include:

  • Encryption
  • Unique hybrid solutions available
  • Physically secured data centers (including generators and armed guards)
  • Affordability

Most of the time, cloud-based encryption is of military grade and the latest kind available to the public. Hybrid solutions can also be managed through the cloud, and the data centers where servers operate have generators, armed guards, climate-control, continuous maintenance, continuous upgrade, and continuous monitoring. It is the prerogative of any agency hosting cloud computing solutions to provide the most secure option possible for its clients.

Since this is the core of their business, they can actually do a better job securing their databases than even most large businesses. Finally, since you’re basically renting space on a digital data center, the cost of using such services is comparable to the cost of renting an apartment as opposed to the cost of owning a home. The difference is Moore’s Law doesn’t apply to property values; i.e. your home won’t become obsolete in five years, computer systems will— meaning you’ve got to pay for new ones regularly. With cloud computing solutions, that problem goes away.

Reliable Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud computing is becoming necessary for competition, so stay competitive. Cloud backup through Idealstor will save you money, time, and peace of mind. Contact us to ensure your data remains secured in a cost-effective way that meets your needs directly.

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