Cloud Backup Solutions Provide Real Advantages

cloud backup

More Than a Fail-safe

Cloud backup solutions represent more than just a fix for emergencies. You’ll also get a bevy of enhancements, which include:

  • Redundancy enhancement
  • Total cost of ownership reduction
  • Expedited recovery
  • Improvements in availability
  • Enhancement of compliance and security regulations

Redundancy Enhancement

When it comes to backing up data with cloud computing solutions, the most advantageous application is the inclusion of hybrid components. These hybrid components are a combination of on-site backups with cloud solutions for maximum protection in the event of an emergency. This can be expensive, however.

Redundancy is “enhanced” via cloud computing through elimination of unnecessarily redundant practices. You may not need an entire section of tape drives to backup data. You may only need that kind of backup on a small scale. How much information pertaining to your company’s operation is truly proprietary? If it’s under 20 terabytes, you might just buy drives locally, keep the sensitive things on those drives, then use cloud computing for your infrastructural needs. This would be more cost-effective than backing up everything to a tape drive, and everything to the cloud. But it all depends on the needs of your business. What’s sure is that, when it comes to backup solutions, more redundancy is usually better than less.

TCO Reduction

TCO refers to the Total Cost of Ownership pertaining to a given business, and cloud backup can definitely reduce that expense. It depends on how much cloud storage you use in your operations, however. If you do as suggested, keeping only the most necessary information backed up internally, then you stand to save the most through outsourcing maintenance, hardware acquisition, hardware storage, troubleshooting, and backup to the cloud. Additionally, you can cut down on personnel costs. Altogether you can likely save $30,000+ annually on a cloud solution which operates comprehensively. The only downside is in bringing systems to the cloud, which can take some time. Still, if you’re strategic enough about it, you’ll be able to “have your cake and eat it too”. By the time you’ve employed a comprehensive cloud solution, you’ll see your cost-reduction pay for implementation.

Expedited Recovery

Cloud computing solutions can bring you back from the edge much more quickly. If you’re restoring terabytes from tape drives, that can take days. If you’re doing it from the cloud, the right application of services could see that cut down to minutes. Even if you can turn 1.6 hours a week of downtime into 20 minutes, that’s still enough savings to justify employing backup solutions from the cloud.

Availability Improvements

If you’re not using the cloud, when disaster strikes, getting access to what you’ve backed up could require intervention from a tech professional. But if you’ve got the internet, you’ve got access to your backed up data on the cloud.

Compliance and Security Regulations

Cloud providers must remain cutting edge technologically and legally. If you’re using the cloud through such a service, you’ll automatically reap the latest in security and compliance regulation adherence. Dealing with tech and legal advances internally can be a real hassle.

Safeguarding Your Operation

Cloud backup through Idealstor will increase your data availability, security, compliance, and recovery. You’ll see costs reduced, and redundancy enhanced. Contact us to upgrade your systems, conserve resources, and ensure operational data sustainability.

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