The Importance of Cloud Backup Services to Disaster Recovery

The use of cloud technology plays a vital role in disaster recovery services as businesses increasingly rely on technology to meet all of their needs. Whether your company is large or small, cloud technology can help you back up critical files and recover data that was lost through a natural disaster, accidental deletion, or cyber-attack. The use of cloud backups … Read More

Why Disaster Recovery is an Essential Component of the Modern Landscape

A Multi-Angled Approach Disaster recovery is something that has become more integral to operations become more continuous. Remaining competitive as an enterprise requires uninterrupted service throughout the year, day and night. The more your systems run, the greater the chance for error, exception, or other downtime-facilitating agents. A “disaster” may not necessarily be a hurricane, earthquake, or heat wave. It … Read More

How to Remain HIPAA-Compliant Through Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is an essential service that all healthcare companies need as they can lose valuable data in a multitude of ways, whether it is through human error, malware, viruses, or even a natural disaster. Remaining HIPAA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) while being able to restore lost data is one of the top priorities for healthcare … Read More

5 Mistakes to Avoid With a Disaster Recovery Plan

The use of a disaster recovery plan can help your business recover from a variety of threats. Understanding how these services work is the first step in installing a successful backup plan. Unfortunately, many companies do not fully understand backup services and are prone to making mistakes. Here are five common mistakes that a company needs to avoid with the … Read More

Four Facts That Necessitate Disaster Recovery Planning For SMBs

Data protection is the major reason that necessitates disaster recovery planning for businesses. From the start, it’s good to remember that the value of data to any organization is matched by no other asset within that organization. Cybercriminals have become cleverer and more tactical. On the other hand, human errors remain a serious headache to many businesses. With these in … Read More

The Importance of Having an Established Disaster Recovery Solution in Place

Unpredictable Situations Disaster recovery (DR) is something you hope to never need, but if you don’t have it, you could lose everything. Consider recent hacking of the DNC (Democratic National Convention) that has since caused the company to implode like a stack of sodden cards. If they’re not safe from digital disaster, that is a strong indicator that no one … Read More