Prevent CEO Fraud Attacks And Ensuring Business Continuity With Strong IT Security

Companies specializing in IT security can help you keep your business secure against the latest and most pernicious cyberattacks. One of the most effective and damaging attacks today is the CEO Fraud Attack. Such attacks reportedly have a 90% success rate while traditional phishing attacks enjoy 30% success. This becomes even more alarming when one considers CEO-targeted attacks tend to … Read More

Ensure Business Continuity Through Understanding Email Compromise

There are many types of cyberattacks that your IT security provider should know about, and one of these attacks is called the Business Email Compromise (BEC). It involves a hacker impersonating a company executive to mislead employees, vendors, or customers to gain access to sensitive information. Here are ways your IT team can protect your enterprise from a BEC: How Attackers Use Deception The … Read More

Think of Cyber Security When Looking for Outsourced Support

Proper cyber security solutions could have kept Equifax from being hacked. You’ve got to understand that the size of a business is no meter of its security. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was hacked in 2016 because they had a bad password. A. Bad. Password. That’s IT security 101. That’s as basic as looking both ways before you cross the … Read More

Business Continuity Through Backup Retention Solutions

Backup Base on Need, Not Arbitrary Designation Business continuity is an integral component of modern operations. There are a lot of reasons such solutions must be in place and manageable. For one, disasters are going to happen. These disasters may not be of the “nuclear” or “Mt. St. Helens” variety. They may just be a new intern in the server … Read More

Protect Your Business Continuity from Cyberattacks with Strong IT Security

Businesses of all sizes must understand the dangers of cyberattacks and why it’s critical to have IT security in today’s society. Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, preparing for a wide variety of cyberattacks can be the difference between minimal downtime and significant downtime, as well as potential loss of company data. Here are just a few ways that … Read More

The Importance of Employing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Today

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based solution designed to bring systems expediently back online in the wake of a disaster. Disasters are not always massive, but sometimes, they are. With DRaaS, whether you are a small or large business experiencing huge or minimal damages, you can have a “mirrored” cloud platform immediately available online. Operations can continue … Read More

Which is Better for Your Cyber Security: Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

As a business owner or manager, you need to partner with a company that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes choose the Internet connection that provides the most cyber security. As you know, the use of Wi-Fi and an ethernet cable both have advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the differences between these Internet connections will enable you to make an … Read More

Business Continuity Tips for Keeping Sensitive Data Safe

Hospitals must create a business continuity plan that keeps data safe and easily accessible at any time. As you know, cyber threats are becoming more common and increasingly complex, so keeping data confidential is a top priority. In order to remain HIPAA-compliant, hospitals must store this information in a safe environment or they risk severe penalties for any data leaks. … Read More