Proper IT Security Can Help You Avoid Phishing Attacks

Cases of phishing attacks have steadily risen over the last few years. Because of this, businesses must understand the dangers of these attacks, as well as the importance of IT security. For example, a relatively new phishing attack has become increasingly popular, as it creates a fake Office 365 login screen that is designed to steal your login credentials. Nevertheless, … Read More

Why a Cloud Backup Protects your Patients’ Data

If you are a healthcare provider, you understand the need to keep your patients’ records safe and accessible at all times. HIPAA has high expectations of hospitals and other healthcare providers in regards to use and disclosure of their patients’ information. Backing up patients’ data to the cloud has emerged to be a HIPAA-compliant way of securing patients’ protected health … Read More

How to Enhance Your Cyber Security

Regardless of size or experience, all businesses should be conscious regarding cyber security. It has become too big of an issue to ignore as cybercriminals continue to learn new ways to breach even the most sophisticated security solutions. Luckily, there are actionable steps you can take to improve internet safety. Prevent Cyber Attack No business is completely shielded from a cyber … Read More

Proper IT Security Can Save Your Business from Implosion

Strong and reliable IT security has a heightened necessity in the modern digital age. Blackhat cybercriminal tactics are continuously growing. By 2019, they are expected to result in a $2 trillion loss for businesses—- that number is only set to expand. If you haven’t been compromised, that’s very good; but you may be gambling with your business. The businesses at greatest risk aren’t … Read More

The Importance of Cloud Backup Services to Disaster Recovery

The use of cloud technology plays a vital role in disaster recovery services as businesses increasingly rely on technology to meet all of their needs. Whether your company is large or small, cloud technology can help you back up critical files and recover data that was lost through a natural disaster, accidental deletion, or cyber-attack. The use of cloud backups … Read More

Why Business Continuity Should Be a Top Concern

As man-made and accidental technology disasters increase, business continuity and recovery have become top priorities for all industries. It’s no longer a topic that can be pushed to the side, since no business is free of disasters. Businesses can guard against downtime by crafting a thoughtful, thorough backup plan. Why Downtime Must Be Avoided Downtime may once have been treated … Read More

Three IT Security Issues Your Company Should Be Aware Of

Your business should have IT security solutions which include proper education of existing, as well as prospective, clientele. Cybersecurity in the workplace isn’t static. Rather, workplace IT is the business of everyone; from the late-night custodian to the CEO. Everyone in any business represents either a protection against intrusion or a compromise. Several common areas of attack that a business … Read More

Business Continuity Wards Off the Monsters

Imagine a world where monsters don’t just target groups of teenagers. Witches, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls also target your business. They take every chance to haunt your dreams, chase you into the woods, or scare you to death. These monsters are pure fiction. There are other monsters that affect your company in a very real sense. Natural disasters, security breaches, … Read More

Disaster Recovery as a Service Facilitates Cloud-Based Failover

The Ups and the Downs Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS, provides protection that is worth pursuing. While it’s more expensive than just Backup and Data Recovery, or BDR, it’s much less expensive than secondary data centers; which are fully mirrored, as is necessary, for comprehensive data security. What Is DRaaS? What DRaaS does is apply failover that is … Read More

The Low-Risks and High Rewards of a Cloud Backup System

Cloud backup is something that every good business utilizes. If your hardware fails, you need a way of ensuring that your data is still accessible on other devices. But some backup systems are far superior to others. One of the best advances in the modern era of online computing has been the development of cloud systems. Cloud systems are essentially … Read More